Why it’s important to travel

This Christmas season my dad, best friend, her dad, and myself made our way up to the Big Apple. We were all beyond excited to visit a new place and do all the typical touristy things we could. We flew into Pittsburgh, PA, hung out for a day and then hopped a train to NYC. Why was this trip so important? Because we live in a truly globalized world. Aside from a few tribal communities, it’s safe to say we all pretty much know what’s going on across the pond, well mostly. So we have to expose ourselves to different people, different situations, and different places in order to keep up with the times. When we visited NYC I knew I would see all kinds of new things, especially drastically different people. What I wasn’t counting on though was not even being able to identify what language they were speaking. Even if they were speaking fluent English, I would just sit there wide-eyed trying to figure out what the heck the cab driver was saying. So long story short, step out of your bubble whenever you get the chance, see the world, and your views on it might just change.


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