The 10 less than obvious reasons we love college.

We all know college is an exciting experience, but let’s take a minute to notice the under-appreciated reasons college is the bees knees. These less than obvious perks make the college life so much more bearable.

  1. you don’t have to drive to your friend’s house because odds are it’s close enough to walk.
  2. you’re not really an adult yet, let your immaturity run rampant.
  3. taking four hours of naps between all your classes is socially acceptable
  4. at the end of the year people give out extra meal swipes, kinda like Santa
  5. you can use Wal-Mart sacks as trash bags because your dorm trash can is miniature.
  6. you become more resourceful in your wardrobe choices-because you just really don’t have time for laundry at the moment.
  7. If you can reach your laptop, fridge, microwave, and snacks at the same time you’re really doing something right.
  8. the “I can eat whatever I want as long as I drink some water” mentality, because you have to be healthy right?
  9. you can watch 5 hours of Netflix without it being labeled as an issue
  10. fast food at 3am, because that really hits the spot.


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