Why being sick at home is the bees knees

Oh god the flu is in the air. I haven’t gotten the flu since middle school. It’s my freshman year of college and I’m pretty dad gum sure Haley’s got da fluuu. I realized my issue when I woke up from a three-hour nap and still felt dead so I packed up a weekend bag, grabbed my dirty laundry and headed home(which is a long 10 minutes from my dorm room). Over the weekend I made a list of why being home when you’re sick is the best thing ever.

1. Any medicine your parents give you is loaded with sugar and surprisingly isn’t that awful.

2. Your parents baby you. Yeah that one explains itself.

3. Getting soup and crackers in bed would make anybody feel better.

4. did dad just bring me cake to “turn my frown upside down”? That floats my boat

5. All my dirty laundry is magically clean, and wait a minute MY SOCKS MATCH.

6. Fuzzy blankets, so many fuzzy blankets.

7. ZERO judgement zone. I’m pretty sure you kick a virus faster when you can wear no makeup, no bra, and three-day old hair without judgmental looks.image


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