Why you won’t outgrow your middle school best friend

photo (4)


Why are y’all still best friends after all these years?

1. They saw you with a buttcrack part and braces and still loved you.

2.  You guys passed many milestones together. From middle school dances to your mom driving you to the movies for dates, she was there for a lot of your growing up.

3. She probably cut your bangs at one point or another.

4. She went with you to get all your class schedules from middle school to senior year.

5. You can say the weirdest things and she totally understand and responds with an equally weird statement.

6. She’s pretty much a part of your family at this point. When she rummages through your pantry it doesn’t surprise anyone.

7. She really would tell you if the outfit made you look bad.

8. Your inside jokes go back years.

9. You could never get rid of her because she has too many embarrassing photos of you.

10. If she’s stuck with you this long, chances are she’s in for the long hall and will be your maid of honor someday.



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