Fundraising idea

If you are in college, chances are you’re in some sort of club or organization and we all know clubs and organizations love to have fundraisers. So here is a quick idea. I’m the Think Pink Chair for my chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha. I plan all the breast cancer fundraisers and events. The day before valentine’s day I sold pink, red, and white carnations outside the cafeteria with the help of all my lovely zeta sisters. However I only ordered 200 flowers from harps because ATU is not an insanely huge campus. We made a pretty good profit and ladies got flowers on valentine’s day. So win win. If you are going to do this fundraiser definitely order ahead and buy the flowers in bulk (bulk prices;)), you can also offer to advertise their company for a discount. If you are lucky they will jump on the idea of free advertisement at a college campus.


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