how to help your dad out on valentines day

I don’t know how your dad is with romance and romance-centered holidays but my poor old man is AWFUL. He tries so hard and is so incredibly sincere, but he missed out on the hopeless romantic gene. About a month before my mom’s Birthday, Christmas, and Valentines Day, he comes to me for advice. This is how I helped him this year, and maybe you can help an ol’ fella out too.

1. I sent him pictures of moms favorite candy. Men are visual creatures, we know this. If I just said “mom loves turtles, get the heart-shaped one” he would have come home with a glass turtle figurine and be beaming with pride for finding exactly what i said.

2. Mom gets more than one dozen roses. She brought your two healthy children into the world (one is super cool btw), picks up your underwear, and has loved you for 24 years. 2 dozen man.

3. You can’t stay at home. I know you are middle-aged grown ups and what not but take her on a weekend trip with a nice dinner.

That’s the best advice I had, and he even went in halfies on a purse I wanted out of appreciation. 🙂


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