I spent V-Day alone. AND LOVED IT

Every Valentine’s Day girls are either super excited or extremely sad and depressed. If you have a significant other power to ya, but just because you are single on Valentine’s Day does not mean you should blow up my twitter saying how “forever alone” you are. To love other we first need to love ourselves. We spend our entire lives with one person, ourself, learn to love the person you are and be comfortable being alone. This Valentine’s Day I house sat and made some extra cash, which was awesome. I made myself cheesecake chocolate covered strawberries, Oreo balls, ordered a pizza, and sat on the couch and watched Netflix. I pigged out, had whiskery legs, and completely and totally enjoyed myself. I never once felt alone or lonely. Learn to enjoy yourself, love who you are, and be happy you don’t have to share your pizza.


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