The most awful things about flying

Okay so flying is pretty much the most convenient thing ever. Nobody can deny this. What would we do without planes? We would hookup our little canvas-covered wagon and spend months trying to get god knows where. Chances are someone would get sick along the way, some would die, and a kid would most likely drown. So THANK GOD for planes right? However, would we be true americans if we were not at least a little tiny bit ungrateful? Nope sure wouldn’t. Here are the absolute WORST parts about flying:

1. The TSA liquid rule.

2. Going over the safety rules at the beginning of every flight. Admittedly it is very important but the term “emergency water landing” just makes my anxiety go through the roof.

3. The crying baby. We all love children until we are stuck in the sky with one screaming for three hours.

4. The alcoholic- you know, the middle-aged lady getting drunk off of Barbie sized bottles. yeahh

5. When you land everyone IMMEDIATELY stands up. Of course we won’t move for 15 minutes but I guess standing over the small blonde in the aisle seat makes it go faster.

6. When you FINALLY get off the plane all the bathroom lines are longer than the amazon river.

7. Which one is my baggage claim? A? 8C?

8. WHAT is that substance smeared on my suitcase?


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