The thoughts you have on Bid Day

Bid day is such an exciting, overwhelming, unforgettable day EVER. You made it through recruitment-which you absolutely hated because you were constantly stressed. However, you survived and I guess it didn’t go all that awful because you are standing with fellow PNMS holding a bid in your hand. Every girl has thoughts that go a little like this on her bid day:

“okay I wonder if whitney is there yet, I for real cannot be standing alone”

“of course you can’t see through the envelope, because that’d be just too perfect”

“i wonder if the color of the envelope matches the sorority? oh god I hope not”

“am I too old to cross my fingers?”

“did I shave my armpits?”

“WHY do they have to do a count down? What even.”

You open your bid and chances are it all worked out perfectly. You gained a chapter full of sisters in a day. You went to some bid day thing somewhere and spent all day getting hugs and trying to remember names. You found your niche.


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