What cats think when it’s time to go to bed

If you are a fellow cat lover you will understand the struggle. You have had an awful, long day and you are ready for bed. You go through your nightly routine then crawl into your warm blankets and hit the lights and..BAM. You hear it. That wonderful, awful sound. Your cat is meowing and you hear her paws running down the hall to your room. You think ever night will be different, that maybe your sweet little kitty will stay still and cuddle all night but this isn’t the case. All cats think bedtime translates to the perfect time to do the following:


sit on your head

try to pickup your limp hand and make you force pet

wait till you doze off and rub their wet nose on your face

get cat hair in your face

try to play

use the litter box (sounds included)

sit on your head (again)

finally lay down and prevent you from moving ever again.

yet we all still love our little fur balls.


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