face it- we all secretly loathe salad

You could be on your way to prom, formal, a wedding, YOUR wedding, or where ever. You’re seated at a table at a nice restaurant, open the menu and read all the selections a choose a salad. WHY DO YOU DO THIS? You don’t want to bloat from eating, or maybe you’re trying to be proactive about your health. My bet is a little piece of your soul just shriveled up and died. If you can honestly tell me that salad tastes better than a rack of ribs, pasta, or ANY other entree in the standard restaurant i’ll be a monkey’s uncle. You know what I think about when I eat a salad? Well besides how miserable I am, I think about a cow standing sadly in some pasture somewhere chomping on some grass. You’re human, LIVE YOUR LIFE. EAT SOME RIBS DANGIT.


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