I just can’t acquire the taste of sushi

Smother it in Yum Yum sauce and slap some crunchies on it and I still cannot gag down sushi. I tried it for the sake of this blog and the fact that i’m a firm “don’t knock it till you tried it” believer. I’ve always wanted to like sushi with it being such a cool type of food and all but I just can’t seem to swallow the gooey raw concoction without squirming. It’s not the I have an issue with seafood, I can tear through pounds of crab legs like it aint no thang. However, why would I willingly eat seaweed or whatever that is, kale maybe? I am NOT a sea cow! I guess I’ll just stick with fried rice for the time being and if I ever end up at a sushi bar, let’s hope I can legally drink because that’s the ONLY way I can eat that fishy nonsense.


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