I’m haunted

okay guys the CREEPIEST thing happened to me today. So at the beginning of June my car got broken into in Russellville and my window was busted out and they took my whole purse. Pretty normal story but just wait. I went and got a new license and went on with my life. This past week I’ve been going through all my dressers and closets getting rid of old things I don’t use anymore. I crawled into the back of my closet and pulled out a kavu purse i hadn’t carried since I was a camp counselor my senior year. I unzipped it (i was trying to empty out old clutter from all my bags} and the only thing in there was my CURRENT license. I was so freaked out. I ran to my car and grabbed my wallet and there was a license that also wasn’t expired. It’s the license that lady stole.

keep in mind:

i have a huge lab so nobody could just walk into my house without getting eaten up

the police tracked her all the way to the state line

this is just explainable creepiness.


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