So is it puppy love?

We’ve all heard the phrase ” don’t worry it’s just puppy love” in some shape or form. After hearing this phrase it’s only natural that we try to decipher this allusive and rather vague word. When you google “What is puppy love” there are 32,900,000 results, so since everyone is trying to pin down this concept i’ll give it my best shot. So ladies and gents, without further adieu here is the tell tale signs of puppy love.

  1. you have to know every possible thing about this other person because they are THAT interesting
  2. you constantly try to figure out a reason to be around them
  3. “of course i’ll help with your homework”
  4. they always get to pick the Netflix movie
  5. you willingly give up the last piece of pizza without a fight
  6. you talk about them to your buddies nonstop
  7. and your mom
  8. and heck let’s be honest you email your grandma too
  9. your past 10 pictures posted on social media are of only y’all (and there is almost definitely a sappy caption attached)
  10. you just can’t seem to stop being excited, and not the good kind of excited. The crazy eyed 10 year old you wiped out a case of mountain dew kind of excited.

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