Problems In America: Nobody Appreciates Nature Anymore

IMG_0029 This is similar to another one of my blog posts, but having grown up in the country it hits home. I went on a trip to NYC last fall for the big ball drop on New Year’s Eve and it completely changed my perspective on nature. I never realized how deep my country roots run in me. I’m by no means a cowboy hat boot wearing girl, I love my Micheal Kors bad almost as much as I love the backwoods. I realized this when I was walking through central park and the trees and shrubs were labeled. They legitimately had a plastic label saying “pine tree” or whatever the plant had to be. It came to my attention that inner city kids don’t really see many tree. Living in the city makes you forget how beautiful of a place god gave us to live, I throughly believe it’s good for the heart and soul to be outdoors in nature at the minimum once a week.


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