What’s the President’s role in abortion?

Does the big man in the oval office really have any power over abortions?

According to the Washington Post one of the most direct actions the President can take in regards to abortion rights is to sign an executive order prohibiting abortions at facilities under control of the executive branch, such as military hospitals (Bush signed an order like this). Besides this the President can only influence abortion rights in four major ways; regulating Medicaid, funding for non-profits that provide abortions abroad, passing federal abortion regulations (this can be in regards to specifics procedures or third trimester abortions), and appointing supreme court judges who are pro-choice. According to law.studnetsforlife.org from 1821-1973 abortion issues were kept on the state level, 1973 was the infamous Roe vs Wade Supreme Court case, which legalized abortions on demand. The president really can’t directly decide much of anything when it comes to this controversial issue, however they can appoint political leaders who can enforce or non enforce laws regarding abortion. They can also sign or veto certain bills.


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