Problems In America: Nobody wants to fluff the tree


It’s the job everyone hates and the step everyone wants to skip and if you are the youngest sibling you most likely get stuck with it. Nobody wants to fluff the tree but it’s something that has to be done. We can’t leave the tree all flat  and squished like some grinch now can we? If you hit the web there are tons of tips and tricks for fast and efficient fluffing but what I find to be the most useful (besides paying off your older brother) is to put on some christmas music, and grab a pair of gloves to prevent poking, and just get it over with.


Problems In America: The ugly Christmas sweater


Over recent year the ugly christmas sweater has reached maximum popularity. She may not be the cutest but she isn’t without her charms. When she enters various holiday parties she is sure to draw a laugh and ease awkward tension; do not confuse this with grace however. Ugly Christmas sweater doesn’t have grace, there’s always a little something about her that doesn’t add up that makes her fall a little short of “grace”. That may be a few to many jingle bells, an itchy element, or a random pug in a sweater. Don’t throw her the cold shoulder though, there is a certain level of familiarity she brings that pairs so well with her cheesiness.

Problems In America: The Obsession With Heels


I don’t really know who decided heels were cute or why we as women decided to let them stay but it’s time for them to leave. Breaking down your arches and causing foot/back pain shouldn’t be fashionable; ever heard of foot binding? Stop messing with ladies’ feet. Not only are heels ridiculously uncomfortable they can cause long term effects and can cost insane amounts of money. What makes the situation even worse is if you choose to not wear them society dubs you “frumpy”, “without class”, and “not put together”. Man, being a lady sure is fun and heels are the cheery on top.

Problems In America: Loss of Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving has gone from a family orientated holiday to a shopping moral-less frenzy. Black Friday now start on Thanksgiving day at five; cutting into family dinner time. It’s bad enough we are celebrating taking over idegenous peoples land but now we can’t even hangout with families without wanting to leave to get the next iPhone. So during the holidays remember that we are a capitalistic society and there will ALWAYS be sales and you aren’t guarunteed another Thanksgiving with you grandma and grandpa. Chill out, sit down and relax, enjoy your break from school and work and visit with your family.

Problems In America: Group Projects

I write this after just finishing(ish) a group project. Group projects are something everyone comes to dread after the shiny coating wears off. At first you’re attracted to the idea, but after a few good burns the sound of “group project” makes you gag. If you hit the web there are tons of tips and tactics to dealing with group projects. It never fails that you have someone who never shows up, someone who is bossy, and someone who can’t compromise. When you have to do a group project just remember: life goes on and you will have to deal with multiple personalities throughout your life.IMG_4400

Problems In America: Finding Christmas Presents For Everyone


The holiday season is upon us and it’s time to spend our paycheck finding the perfect present for everyone. In a first world country where there is so much material things you can buy how do you pick the perfect gift. Michael Kors watches and Louis Vuitton bags are under the tree, and everyone won’t even give a homemade quilt a second glance. It’s really sad to me that gifts are not homemade anymore, well at least not as often. Homemade gifts are just so much more sentimental. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good purse but not as much thought goes into a purse as it does something handmade.